Property registry providing yet more digital services


Adapting to the times, the Hellenic Cadaster (Ktimatologio) is slowly evolving, providing a constantly increasing number of digital services to citizens, notaries and lawyers, in line with its new slogan, “Don’t wait in line, get on your computer.” 

Notably, using their codes to access the Taxisnet system, interested parties can apply for a copy of a cadastral sheet, a cadastral diagram and a certificate of registration of a registrable deed, paying the cost electronically via web banking.

Once certified by their associations and having obtained a digital signature, professionals including notaries and lawyers can register deeds and receive the registration certificate electronically.

Regarding the operation of the cadastral offices, transactions are allowed in person, but only in urgent cases and after making an appointment by telephone. What’s more, deadlines related to the transfer or registration of applications and transactions or the receipt of certificates and copies are currently suspended.