CoE report calls out Greece over migrant crisis violations


The conclusions of the report by the Committee against Torture of the Council of Europe (CPT) on the management of the migration crisis last March paint a dire picture regarding Greece’s handling of it.

The report, published on Thursday, is based on a visit by a CPT delegation to Greece on March 13-17 – at the height of a campaign orchestrated by Ankara for a large-scale breach of the Greek-Turkish border by migrants.

The report includes allegations of violence and abusive behavior against detained migrants. It further noted that there has been no substantial progress in safeguarding the rights of migrants detained since the CPT’s previous visit in 2018. It also noted the poor conditions at several migrant detention centers.

In response to allegations of ill-treatment, the relevant service of the Hellenic Police said “no information has been provided” about the alleged perpetrators, witnesses and victims, the exact location and date of the incidents or any other evidence.