Reshuffle on the cards when clouds begin to clear

Reshuffle on the cards when clouds begin to clear

Though the most recent polls have shown that the government and especially Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis still enjoy high levels of popularity, the first signs of government fatigue have also started to appear, mainly due to the prolonged health crisis. 

With this in mind, well-informed sources say that as soon as the pandemic is under control and pressure on the health system begins to subside, Mitsotakis will proceed with changes for a “tighter” scheme.

Firstly, changes are expected to focus on around four ministries whose performance has been deemed to be below par.

Beyond this, Mitsotakis wants to make the most of able parliamentary group members, with at least 8-10 deputies considered candidates for government positions, as deputy ministers – mainly – but also ministers.

Another factor that will govern his moves is his bid to move the government closer to the center of the political spectrum.