Anti-Covid vaccines will be effective for long time, experts tell Kathimerini


Coronavirus vaccines will drastically change our lives for the better, but not overnight, and will provide protection for a long time, according to the consensus among nine Greek scientists working abroad and contacted by Kathimerini.

What the “new normal” for 2021 will be globally, will depend on the number of inoculations over a short period of time, they say.

As for next summer, they are cautiously optimistic. One of them, Stelios Papadopoulos, chairman of biotechnology firm Biogen, says he has not scheduled a “live” meeting before June 2021. “We continue to keep ourselves and others safe and we wait our turn to be vaccinated,” he says.

Virus mutations will not be a problem, because vaccines can adapt, the scientists said, adding that the common flu virus mutates faster.

All nine said they will be vaccinated.