PM says 2021 budget has many unknowns, only mass vaccination can end crisis


Greece’s budget for 2021 includes many factors of uncertainty, with the biggest being the pandemic and its effect on the economy, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday, adding that only mass vaccination will put an end to the health and economic crisis.

“The 2021 budget actually has many unknowns. The most important, obviously, is how long the health crisis will last and this is obviously directly related to how fast and how effective the vaccination will be, because we are now quite certain that only a mass vaccination can put an end to this unprecedented health and economic crisis we faced in 2020,” he told New Democracy lawmakers during a virtual debate on the state budget.

Mitsotakis called on MPs to promote vaccination at a local level once the government rolls out its plan to inoculate the population, noting that it will include those who who need to be vaccinated “to serve as an example.