Dendias: Turkey is region’s troublemaker


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias reiterated on Tuesday that Turkey is a regional troublemaker, acting outside the limits of international law.

“[By] threatening with the use of force; It has threatened Greece with war, if Greece acts in accordance with its sovereign right, and extends its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles; [by] instrumentalizing migration; spreading propaganda and false news; worsening challenges to security,” he said during a joint press conference with his Cypriot and Jordanian counterparts in Amman.

Dendias also accused Turkey of moving jihadists from Libya to the Caucasus, “what I call a ‘jihadist travel agency,’ and endangering peace and stability in the region.”

Greece has repeatedly called on Ankara to engage in a constructive dialogue with all countries that “are law-abiding and share the values we share,” he added.