Hospitals struggling with high intubation numbers


Health experts remain adamantly opposed to any further relaxation of restrictions during the festive season, citing the consistently high numbers of patients with Covid-19 fighting for their lives in intensive care units, with many operating at full capacity.

The latest data show there were 550 intubated patients on Tuesday, while another 98 died, bringing the total to 3,785. There were 1,240 confirmed cases, which is twice that of the day before, but this was due to the corresponding double number of tests performed.

Given this data, the Panhellenic Federation of State Hospital Employees (POEDIN) reiterated the warning on Tuesday that hospitals will not be able withstand a new wave of the pandemic with full ICUs and clinics.

POEDIN noted that while the daily infection rate may have fallen, ICUs in northern and central Greece were struggling to cope, with hospitals in Larissa, Thessaloniki and Kavala hit hardest.