ND ahead of SYRIZA in opinion poll, inspires more confidence to tackle big issues


Ruling New Democracy enjoys leads over opposition SYRIZA in a wide range of categories, including voter intentions and confidence to tackle the big issues, according to the latest poll by Pulse on behalf of Skai TV.

Specifically, according to projections based on expected valid votes, if elections were held today, ND would garner 40% against 24% for SYRIZA, 7% for center-left alliance KINAL, 6% for communist KKE, 4.5% for nationalist Greek Solution and 3% for leftist MeRA25.

The nationwide poll was conducted by phone between December 12 and 16.

Regarding which party would do better in modernizing and digitizing the state, 49% opted for ND compared to 18% for SYRIZA. On issues of security, ND got 47% against SYRIZA’s 21%. The ruling party also led in the category of which is better to handle the health crisis, with 44% against 23% for SYRIZA. ND also enjoys greater confidence than SYRIZA when it comes to the economy (41% against 23%) as it does in foreign policy and Greek-Turkish relations (40% vs 23%). A similar lead was shown for ND on the refugee/migrant issue (40 % vs 21%).