Health minister seeks resignation of hospital director over consent form


Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Tuesday called for the resignation of the director of a public hospital in central Greece for circulating an unauthorized consent form to staff slated to receive the coronavirus vaccination.

Kikilias also asked for an internal investigation to be conducted into the actions of the director of the Karditsa General Hospital and his publication of the controversial document.

According to reports, the director of the Karditsa hospital created his own consent form stating that doctors and nurses at the facility agreed to get the jab against the novel coronavirus “even though all of the adverse side effects, even the deadly ones, of the vaccination are not fully known as yet.”

The form also contains a second option, whereby hospital staff can refuse to be vaccinated, “even though [they are] aware of the dangers of the disease” of Covid-19, according to the POEDIN union of hospital workers, which published the document.