Greece needs climate law, prominent eco-expert says


Greece could benefit from a climate law to organize its transition to a climate-neutral economy, to create strong and independent scientific bodies to monitor its progress and, above all, not to commit resources to investments that will be useless in the long run, such as those related to oil and gas, Matthias Duwe, a prominent expert in the field of climate law in Europe, tells Kathimerini in an interview.

Duwe, who is head of the climate team at the German think tank Ecologic Institute, said it would send a strong signal to businesses, citizens, government agencies and employees that the government is taking the shift to a climate-friendly economy seriously. It can be a means, he said, of “organizing government ‘players,’ to achieve goals and to activate all those involved.”

“Of course, its real usefulness is based… on what it contains,” he said.

Greece, Italy and most of Eastern Europe do not have a climate law.