Bill on Rafale fighter jets to be submitted to Parliament Tuesday


A draft law of the Ministry of Defense for the acquisition of 18 French Rafale fighter aircraft will be submitted to Parliament on Tuesday.

The bill titled “Approval of draft defense contracts” contains five articles. The main ones are the draft contract for the supply of the fighter jets, the draft contract for the subsequent support of the fighters as well as the contract for the supply and subsequent support of equipment (weapons) of the French aircraft.

Six of the fighter jets included in the contract will be new and 12 used and the cost amounts to 2.32 billion euros.
This includes 1.92 billion euros for the aircraft and an additional 400 million euros for the weapons they carry.

The discussion in the Committee on Armament Programs and Contracts will last two days, after which the deal will be submitted to the Plenary Session to be discussed on January 14 and 15.