Dozens of buildings get new lease on life in Greek capital


Crews of the Athens municipality have removed tons of trash since last March from more than 60 buildings that were under occupation by squatters or used as a hideout by petty thieves and drug users.

Many of these buildings had been evacuated in recent months in police operations, but the evictees left behind waste of all kinds, mixed with loot and food scraps, clothes and utensils.

In many areas, neighbors had often complained that the buildings were health hazards and they contained flammable material that could catch fire at any given moment and spread.

In the same period, from March last year until Monday, more than 30 unused plots filled with waste and rubble were also cleaned in many neighborhoods, including Ambelokipi, Patissia and Kolonos.

These plots were abandoned by their owners and functioned essentially as makeshift garbage dumps.