Positivity rate of Covid tests in steady decline


A steady decrease in the coronavirus testing positivity rate has been recorded in recent weeks in Greece, health authorities have reported.

More specifically, from mid-December until last week, the rate of positive tests is in a steady decline, coming below the 4% threshold set by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, above which the situation is deemed critical.

According to the latest epidemiological surveillance report of National Public Health Organization (EODY), the positivity rate last week (January 11-17) was 1.81%, compared to 2.49% and 2.95% in the previous two weeks. 

Meanwhile on Wednesday, 516 new cases of coronavirus were reported (from a total of around 30,500 tests) and 27 new deaths due to complications from Covid-19. The number of intubated patients decreased from 320 on Tuesday to 300.