Minister warns of tougher penalties for cafe, bar owners who defy health measures


Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis warned on Monday that there will be tougher penalties for cafe or bar owners who allow their patrons to gather outside with their drinks, in defiance of government health rules.

To cope with the downturn of business due to the pandemic, some café and car owners have begun flouting regulations and precautionary measures. Rather than simply being purchasing points, some owners have allowed customers to linger around their premises.

Speaking from the regional government building of Western Greece in Patras, Chrysochoidis said that while he is sympathetic to the economic woes of hospitality sector, the government has taken many steps to assist those businesses.

“We cannot risk public health and that is our priority and foremost political decision. Let us all find some strength and put on a brave face until this is over,” he said.