Transport solution sought

Strict traffic policing and the extension of Athens bus lanes were among the topics of discussion between Transport Minister Michalis Liapis, local authority representatives and transport experts yesterday. Liapis began a round of talks with relevant bodies two weeks ago in an effort to establish an all-encompassing transport policy for Attica. Yesterday’s meeting saw the discussion of several elements that are key to achieving this. One proposal put forward was the use of more bus lanes, along with a rerouting of bus services in order to provide better links with other modes of transport such as the metro. It was suggested that stricter parking regulations should be enforced and business deliveries be restricted to certain times. The various bodies accepted that the chief element that would make all this happen is better and stricter policing. The creation of a single body to oversee the process was again discussed, but thinking now seems to point toward the setting-up of a task force first.