Teachers come tops in trustworthiness poll

The least trustworthy people in Greek life are to be found in the sphere of politics while schoolteachers, doctors and military officers are considered highly dependable, according to a new survey released yesterday. A poll conducted in the US and 19 European countries by GFK Ad Hoc Research found that in Greece, only 11 percent of the 1,000 respondents trusted the country’s politicians. This was the fourth-worst result for politicians, who enjoy a worse reputation only in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland. Lawyers also performed poorly, with 31 percent of Greek respondents voicing trust in the profession, while Greece’s journalists did better than the overall 38 percent average, at 43 percent. Schoolteachers led the trustworthiness list at 80 percent, followed by doctors (78 percent), military officers (67 percent), and the clergy (61 percent).