Beneficial products to include in your diet

Foods rich in magnesium: Herbs (including sage, coriander, dill, basil, celery, marjoram, amaranth, savory, parsley), sesame. Foods rich in potassium: Fruit (including fennel, celery and cauliflower), vegetables, beans, peas, almonds, dried fruit, herbs and spices (including coriander, parsley, dill, ginger, curry, marjoram, aniseed, cardamon, paprika, cumin, red pepper, cayenne pepper, amaranth, oregano, tumeric and saffron). Food rich in calcium: Dairy products, fish with soft bones, almonds, some mineral water, some green vegetables and herbs (including basil, savory, marjoram, thyme, parsley, mironi, coriander, dill, celery, sage, oregano and rosemary).