Loo explosion burns smoking postman

The blast caused extensive damage to the postman’s house. Fire brigade experts are investigating the circumstances under which a postman was severely burned in a village near Corinth last week when the toilet he had just sat down upon exploded when he tried to light a cigarette. Panayiotis Gebouras, 53, was still hospitalized yesterday with second- and third-degree burns in the Thriassio Hospital west of Athens, five days after the explosion in his home in the village of Velo, some 20 kilometers (12 miles) west of Corinth in the northern Peloponnese. Gebouras is believed to have inadvertently ignited methane gas which leaked out of the house’s septic tank. As he lit the cigarette, there was a terrible bang that was heard all over the village, his daughter, Eleni, told Mega TV.