Political responsibilities for the delay

Internet users in Greece are in search of content, as the digital portals set up by most state and private foundations and businesses remain closed or are half-open and blocked. Basically the only thing a subscriber can do from home is surf for information or entertainment. Governments bear a large part of the responsibility, particularly the previous one, which handled the Information Society program. According to the present interior minister, only 6 percent of European Union funds were absorbed in the sector, so considerable sums are at risk of being lost and a number of competitions pending. The previous government did not even set up the Information Society Watch, instituted four years ago. Studies abroad show that the development of a fast Internet service leads to the growth of other economic indicators. A survey by the Diffusion Group in the USA among a sample of 1,044 households showed that those who had access to the Internet, either through a cable or DSL link, have more electronic appliances than those linked in the conventional manner.