Anarchists on firebomb spree

A group of 20 anarchists threw firebombs at two banks, damaging one of them extensively, and an office belonging to the Interior Ministry in central Athens on Saturday night, but there were no injuries or arrests. The anarchists began their rampage at around 10.20 p.m. from Exarchia Square, splitting up into two groups. One group attacked the Agricultural Bank branch near the square with firebombs, causing a blaze which also threatened a nearby medical clinic. Firefighters quickly put out the fire, but not before it caused major damage. Minutes later the same group threw petrol bombs at a nearby branch of Emporiki Bank. The ensuing blaze was soon extinguished and only resulted in minor damage. The other group of anarchists firebombed a nearby office of the Interior Ministry, but without causing major damage. Nobody was injured in the attacks and the youths fled the scene before the police could make any arrests.