Albanian girl gives in on flag dispute

An Albanian schoolgirl in a Peloponnesian village put an end to the sit-in protest by her classmates yesterday after deciding not to carry the Greek flag on behalf of her school in the October 28 parade. Somilia Metousi, 15, has lived in Lappa, Achaia, with her family for the last six years. She finished top of her class in her second year at the local high school and, as is customary, was awarded the right to carry the flag during the parade on the anniversary of Greece’s entering World War II. Her schoolmates opposed the move because of her Albanian background and occupied the school in protest. Despite pleas from parents and the director of the local education authority, the teenagers refused to budge. «I was disappointed by the behavior of my classmates,» Metousi said. «Unfortunately, I am forced to prove on a daily basis that whatever I achieve is on my own merits.»