Headache over the C4I info control system

The bleakest shadow over the Olympic security arrangements was the much-publicized image and information control and management system, C4I, which will not be delivered until November. Some parts of the C4I, such as the TETRA communication system, were used effectively during the Games, but the Command Decision Support System, which can make use of all the data at the same time, was inactive. The question now is to determine what percentage of the original system is operational or is to be delivered soon and the amount owed to the private firm SAIC that has undertaken to install it. A committee of 20 experts (including some from the National Technical University) has been set up to evaluate the system and determine the cost. Based on the original contract, the C4I is to cost 259 million euros. Both Voulgarakis and Deputy Public Order Minister Christos Markoyiannakis have said that the final cost of the contract will depend on the equipment delivered. The contract states that in the event of any divergence from the original contract, there are to be corresponding deductions to the amount owed. If there is no agreement with the firm, the state retains the right to take recourse to arbitration. In order to facilitate the system’s trial period, the Public Order Ministry has submitted two claims to the Personal Data Protection Authority to put into operation once more the security cameras installed at the venues to establish the effectiveness of C4I. According to sources, 190 million of the 259 million euros specified in the contract have already been paid.