Greeks to learn how to conserve

Over 1 billion euros is to be spent by the government on a campaign to boost alternative forms of energy while informing citizens of ways to save energy in the wake of rising oil prices, sources told Kathimerini. The government intends to spend some 1.1 billion euros on investment plans for saving energy and on research into sources of renewable energy in an effort to reduce Greece’s dependence on oil. In 2002, oil accounted for 57 percent of the energy used in Greece, while the European Union average was 41.4 percent. The ruling conservatives also intend to open up the electricity and natural gas markets in order to provide greater competition among providers. Meanwhile, Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas is due to announce this week an upcoming 1-million-euro campaign using a series of television and radio spots and leaflets to inform households and businesses about ways to cut back on wasting energy. Funds may also be given to the Education Ministry to begin energy conservation lessons in primary schools.