In Brief


Theodoros II is enthroned Theodoros II, the new Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, was yesterday enthroned in the Egyptian coastal city in a ceremony attended by President Costis Stephanopoulos and Archbishop Christodoulos. The 50-year-old, Cretan-born patriarch replaces Petros, the late patriarch of Alexandria who died in a helicopter crash last month en route to Mount Athos. Theodoros, who has served as metropolitan in Cameroon and Zimbabwe, was unanimously chosen as Alexandria’s 116th patriarch. He pledged to promote dialogue with other faiths, especially with Muslims, in order to tackle poverty and terrorism. Spiked pie The first section of the Supreme Court yesterday upheld an appeals court decision awarding 2,934 euros in damages to a woman who discovered pins in a frozen cheese pie nearly seven years ago. The court rejected claims by the store where she had bought the pie that the pins had been planted in it by a store employee with the aim of sabotage. The woman had appealed to be compensated for moral damage after discovering pins in the filling of the cheese pie she had warmed up and started eating. Hospital tests confirmed she had not swallowed any pins. Syrigos discharged Sports journalist Philippos Syrigos, who was stabbed and badly beaten by unidentified assailants last Monday, was discharged from an Athens hospital on Saturday. Doctors said Syrigos’s health had steadily improved and that he could continue his recovery at home. Syrigos, who works for the daily Eleftherotypia, said he hoped to get back to work soon. Prior to the attack, Syrigos told the press that he had been investigating matters regarding Olympiakos football club, the Athens 2004 organizers and the Kenteris-Thanou doping scandal.