Couple in intensive care after dog attack

A Thessaloniki couple were being treated at a local intensive-care unit with extensive bite wounds after being mauled by three large guard dogs during a tryst in a factory belonging to the young man’s father. The attack took place late on Sunday, when the 24-year-old woman went to meet her boyfriend, also 24, at his father’s fruit-canning factory in Thessaloniki’s Lachanagora district. The dogs – Caucasian Ovarchkas, or Caucasus shepherd dogs – first attacked the woman and then her boyfriend who tried to save her. The young couple managed to escape and hide in a secure part of the building, from where they called the fire brigade. Firemen had to use high-pressure hoses to get past the dogs. The victims were described as being in serious condition with non-life-threatening injuries yesterday, but doctors said both will require extensive plastic surgery.