Disturbed man held for murdering father

Police arrested a mentally ill man yesterday on suspicion of stabbing his father to death in their Athens home, a few hours before he was due to be committed into care. Neighbors called police to an apartment block in Glyfada just before midnight on Monday after overhearing a heated argument between 23-year-old Stelios Saridakis and his 50-year-old father, Nikos. When officers managed to gain access to the apartment, they found the father had been stabbed seven times and was lying dead in a pool of blood. The 23-year-old later admitted to stabbing his father, officers said. Police say an argument between the two had broken out after Saridakis senior told his son that he would be committing him to Aiginiteio Psychiatric Hospital in the morning. The suspect is understood to have suffered psychological problems since the death of his mother seven years ago.