Anarchic Athenian nightlife

An Athens Municipality investigation into how restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nightclubs function in the capital has called for a ban on any more of them in the recently trendy Thiseion, Gazi and Psyrri districts. The multiparty committee argued that these areas are thoroughly congested with nightspots and the quality of life of residents has to be protected. This was just one of the problems noted in the long investigation, covering many parts of Athens, which is to be discussed at the next meeting of the municipal council. Another finding was that 12 different services belonging to ministries, the municipality and provincial council are involved in issuing operating licenses to establishments serving food and drink. The result is that many of them operate without permits or receive them long after they have opened, or they continue to work even though the authorities have ordered them to close. Also, zoning restrictions have not been established for many parts of the capital, including Omonia, Kolonaki and Victoria Square, which allows such establishments to open anywhere.