Lucky Tychero has many fertile areas

Quite a few villages would like to be as lucky as Tychero in the prefecture of Evros (the name means «lucky» in Greek). «According to the latest census, the village has a population of about 2,000 inhabitants, while there are obvious signs of an upswing,» said Tychero Mayor Giorgos Dimoutsis. «There are many reasons for this. First of all, the village lies at the center of a prefecture, in a fertile plain. A number of young people became aware that there was no future in cash crops and turned to new forms of agriculture and alternative crops, such as spinach, blackberries and recently, mushrooms. In addition, we have attracted a number of factories, ceding them municipal land and helping them with the bureaucracy. Now the 7th Brigade has moved to the area, giving our economy a huge boost. «Finally, we are trying to create an infrastructure for agrotourism, while we have also built a riding center.» According to Dimoutsis, the existence of infrastructure, while important, is not the deciding factor in the development of the area. «The most important thing is new ideas. I’ll give you one example: In our area we had a tradition of cultivating vines for wine and raki since the soil is ideal. But over time, this was abandoned. That could be another area we could develop.»