easyJet owner will not sell his villa to ex-king

London-based Cypriot airline entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou said yesterday he had no intention of selling his Athens villa – which once belonged to Queen Frederika – to the former king of Greece, who has reportedly expressed a desire to buy back the Psychico residence. No contact has been made so far, nor has there been any expression of interest, the easyJet owner said. But in any case the house is not for sale. A report in yesterday’s To Vima claimed that Constantine, who also lives in London, proposes to return to Greece by the end of next year, using his Danish passport – which names him as Constantine, former king of the Greeks. Athens has refused to renew his Greek passport unless he assumes a surname. A native of South Africa, Barnard always said he was surprised by the enormous attention he received after performing the world’s first heart transplant 34 years ago.