Island overflights in new Turkish violations

Greek and Turkish fighter pilots jousted over the Aegean for the second day running yesterday, while on three instances Turkish military aircraft flew at a high altitude over Greek islands. A total of 14 Turkish fighters had violated Greek air space on eight occasions in the southern Aegean by the early afternoon, according to Defense Ministry sources. Later on, a pair of F-16 fighters flew three times over the eastern Aegean islet of Agathonissi at an altitude of 22,000 feet, and once over the inhabited island of Fourni, off Icaria, at 18,000 feet. And a Turkish naval reconnaissance CN-235 plane flew over the island of Symi at a height of 6,500 feet. All the intruding planes were chased off, in several cases after simulated fights. In the morning, two Turkish F-16s flew within 3 miles of an Olympic Airlines passenger plane in the Dodecanese.