Arsenal player claims racial abuse by Greeks

LONDON (AFP) – Arsenal striker Thierry Henry says he was the target of racial taunts by Greek fans in this week’s Champions League game against Panathinaikos at Highbury. The black France international scored from the penalty spot as the London team drew 1-1 with the Athens club on Tuesday, but instead of celebrating the goal he stood stock still staring at the visiting fans. Explaining his behavior, Henry told Saturday’s edition of The Sun: «Of all the 162 goals I have scored for Arsenal, I have not celebrated two of them – and that was against Panathinaikos, and there is an explanation for that. They were making monkey noises at me. After scoring, I just stared at the fans for a few seconds.» Arsenal’s black players claim to have received similar treatment during last month’s trip to the Greek capital, when Henry also scored in a 2-2 draw.