Airport strike leads to delays

Flight delays of up to an hour are expected at Athens International Airport today as security staff are set to continue striking for a fourth day. Passenger and hand-luggage checks are being conducted by some 30 emergency personnel after the security workers’ union extended what was meant to be a 24-hour strike on Friday. This resulted in long queues. Protesters are demanding the payment of promised bonuses and a guarantee that their jobs will be safe after the end of the year, when their contracts expire. Union leaders claim that the private security firms employing staff are planning to cut jobs by up to 50 percent. Airport authorities have denied this. The strike is likely to carry on at least until this evening, with some reports suggesting that it could continue indefinitely. The union is due to convene in the afternoon to decide. Protesters also seem to be considering the possibility of obliging emergency personnel to abandon their posts. If this were the case, the airport could be forced to shut down. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure times.