Three conditions

There are three basic conditions for the sustainable development of organic farming in Greece. Know-how: Specific information on cultivation practices, means of fertilization and plant protection should be supplied on the spot, at the responsibility of the consultant. This support needs to be provided by a cooperative. Technical support: Involving the creation of structures that are able to solve organic farmers’ practical problems. This would include the special equipment required for there to be effective and sustainable organic farming and that a small agricultural business – i.e. most farms in this country – cannot afford. Marketing: This involves the «Greek basket of organic products,» which, to be a full sampling of organically grown products, should contain not only oil and sesame seed snacks but also vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products. This is precisely where Greece has the advantage and where it’s lagging behind. For this to come about, there has to be central planning of marketing ideas and then programming and coordination on a nationwide level so as ensure the flow of produce to the markets. The basket, in short, should always be full.