Terrorist sentenced for dodging the draft

Convicted November 17 hit-man Dimitris Koufodinas, who is already serving 13 life terms for terrorism, was given a 24-month suspended sentence yesterday by a military court for dodging the draft 17 years ago. «I was drafted on November 17, 1973. We are serving on the side of the oppressed and the victims of violence and exploitation,» the 46-year-old beekeeper told the court. He was referring to the date the student uprising against the 1967-74 dictatorship was violently put down. Koufodinas joined N17 in 1983 and went underground two years later. He failed to report for military duty in 1987. Convicted last year for his role in 23 murders and dozens of bomb attacks, Koufodinas was discharged from hospital a month ago after going on a 30-day hunger strike to protest against prison conditions. All Greek men aged 18-45 have to do military service.