700 empty beds in Attica hospitals

In hospitals in Attica, the phenomenon of patients being accommodated on gurneys in corridors is most common at the Laiko Hospital, the Red Cross and the General State Hospital in Athens. Statistics collected by the Health Ministry on patient numbers for May, June and September show that there are 100-120 gurneys in use in those hospitals every day, at a time when there are some 700 beds free at hospitals in other parts of Attica. This paradoxical picture can also be seen within some of the same hospitals, where certain clinics but not others find it necessary to put out gurneys to meet their needs. At the Laiko Hospital, for example, of the 30 or so gurneys that are in use on any given day, more than half are in the First Pathology Clinic, while at Evangelismos Hospital, 40 percent of the gurneys are used by the hospital’s Second, Third and Fourth Pathology Clinics.