PPC enjoined to build stork nests

Fully half of the storks killed in Greece die from electrocution by high-voltage cables, the national ornithological society said yesterday, pleading for the country’s power company, PPC, to take action. «The survival of the storks is in the hands of the Public Power Corporation,» ornithologist Thodoros Kominos told AFP. «In other countries a third of storks are killed by power cables, but in Greece it is 50 percent.» Storks tend to nest on electricity pylons, Kominos said, suggesting that, as in other countries, PPC should build nesting places more than a meter above the cables to avoid the threat of electrocution. He said destruction of habitats and intensive farming had also been responsible for an 80 percent fall in the country’s stork population in 50 years, from 9,190 pairs in 1958 to just 1,500 pairs in June. (AFP)