Two Greek ‘hit men’ arrested in Cyprus

Two Greeks have been arrested in Cyprus on suspicion of possessing illegal firearms and explosives with the intention of using them for two contract killings on the island, police said on Saturday. Apostolos Kirkos, 32, and 30-year-old Nikos Nikolopoulos were picked up by Cypriot officers on Friday while they were sitting in a rented car in central Nicosia near a shop owned by one of the businessmen they are suspected of intending to murder. Their other target was a man living in Larnaca, police said. After questioning, the suspects reportedly admitted to having accepted 10,000 Cyprus pounds (some 17,200 euros) and guns from a Cypriot national in order to execute the two men. The alleged assassins were to pick up 60,000 euros upon completion of the job, officers said. Police are seeking the Cypriot, who is thought to have fled abroad.