In Brief


No cabs on December 14 There will be no taxis serving Athens on Tuesday, December 14 after unionists representing drivers called a 24-hour strike after a meeting on Saturday. Cabbies plan to march through Athens, demanding access to bus lanes and protesting ‘insufficient’ increases in charges. Istanbul talks Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaios and Patriarch of Alexandria Theodoros II raise their glasses during a meeting in Istanbul yesterday. On Saturday, Vartholomaios met visiting European Parliament President Josep Borrell. Borrell later said that a decision on whether Turkey should join the EU should only come after extensive talks. Air turbulence Two flight attendants aboard an aircraft headed for Lesvos from Athens early yesterday afternoon were slightly injured when the plane hit air pockets near the island, but none of the 54 passengers was harmed. The Aegean Airlines aircraft returned to Athens due to low clouds above Mytilene airport and passengers boarded another plane later. Illegal antiquities Six Greeks from Igoumenitsa have been arrested following the discovery of several illegal antiquities in their homes, police said yesterday. The items include three marble heads from the Roman and post-Roman eras, a woman’s head from a Hellenistic statue, a marble relief and several coins. Turkish violations A Turkish coast guard vessel yesterday morning entered Greek territorial waters to apporach to less than 200 meters from the islet of Imia, military officials said. Ship collision None of the 637 passengers aboard a ferry which collided with another ship as it was leaving the port of Rafina for Andros early yesterday morning were injured. The two vessels sustained minor damages. Arson attack Unidentified arsonists destroyed a scooter and damaged two motorcycles and two cars parked at the junction of Tositsa and Notara streets in the central Athenian district of Exarchia early on Saturday morning, police said.