The residential map of Athens is changing

Are you looking for a house? There are innumerable options, especially if you are trying to find a way to get out of the noisy city center. Since the construction of Attiki Odos and other infrastructure projects (such as the suburban train and the Vari-Koropi road) in the capital, many new areas now offer a solution to the housing problem for those who are looking for quiet and greenery but who don’t fancy going bankrupt to buy in Psychico, Filothei, Halandri or Glyfada. Besides, many of the inner suburbs of Athens are starting to suffer much the same problems that afflict downtown – traffic, noise, lack of parking space and disappearing greenery. By contrast, Markopoulo, Kantza, Glyka Nera, Vari, Koropi, Paeania, Pallini, Mati, Porto Rafti or Anavyssos offer the benefits of a suburb at more affordable prices, so that plots of land spring up in such areas practically overnight. And Athens keeps growing larger. Meanwhile, there is also a growing demand for housing in some areas of the center, such as Exarchia, Koukaki and Ambelokipi. The potential buyers are young couples without children who want to enjoy the pulse of the city since it has acquired pedestrianized streets and revamped squares and facades for the Olympic Games, leaving the peace of the outer suburbs to others. Similarly, there is demand for middle-class suburbs, such as Galatsi, Ano Patissia and Gyzi from families moving away from the vibrant multicultural neighborhoods of Kypseli and Patissia.