New integrated fare system starts Monday

A new Athens public transport ticketing policy, intended to lure the capital’s car-bound residents onto buses, trolleys, trains – even the snail-paced tram – comes into effect on Monday, the government said yesterday. In addition to the existing tickets, which are separate for each branch of the system, Athenians will be offered a choice of integrated tickets allowing use of all, or most, of the city’s networks for up to an hour and a half. For 1 euro, passengers will be able to use all means of public transport, apart from the express airport buses, the suburban and metro trains to the airport and the Saronida buses. And a 70-cent ticket will provide access to buses, trolley buses and the tram – again for 90 minutes. For a single trip, Athenians currently pay 70 cents for the metro, 60 for the electric railway and the tram, and 45 for blue buses and trolleys.