Bomb at building company

Police safely detonated a small bomb outside the premises of a construction company in a southern Athens suburb early yesterday. Officers conducted the controlled explosion after an anonymous caller told Eleftherotypia newspaper at 11 p.m. on Saturday that an explosive device had been placed at the headquarters of Technical Olympic in Alimos. The caller did not claim responsibility nor give a motive for the attempted attack. Police cordoned off the area after finding a plastic bag hanging on the front gate of the company’s offices. The device inside – which consisted of a clock, a battery, a detonator and a small quantity of explosives – failed to go off and explosives experts disabled it shortly after midnight. The construction firm was at the center of a controversy in January when a deputy minister and nine PASOK MPs were accused of trying to pass a bill that would favor it. On October 29, an Athens roadside bomb exploded as a police convoy was driving past, but nobody was hurt. This followed the triple bombing of an Athens precinct in May.