Hunters kill friend in wild boar mix-up

A group of hunters shot dead a 54-year-old member of their party yesterday after apparently mistaking him for a boar while on an expedition in northeastern Greece. The unnamed man had set off on a trip to kill wild pigs in a forest near the village of Palios Zigos, south of Xanthi, with nine fellow enthusiasts. They set up an ambush for the boar and waited for an animal to appear. When some members of the group heard a rustling behind a bush, they let off a volley of large-bore shot which fatally injured the unsuspecting hunter. The hunters then raced the 54-year-old to the local hospital but doctors pronounced him dead on arrival. A prosecutor is investigating the case. It is the second incident of its kind to have taken place in the area recently – another man was accidentally shot dead by his brother while hunting near Kavala last month.