When data collection is legal

The Data Protection Authority (APPD) has ruled that personal data may be collected legally in order to market goods and services under the following conditions: – The consumer has given his or her consent. – The collection and processing of the data is absolutely necessary to satisfy legal needs and does not infringe upon the consumer’s basic rights. – The collection of data without the consumer’s prior consent is permitted if the information comes from a record intended for the general public (such as the telephone directory) or from publicly accessible sources. * The person responsible for collecting and processing the data must consult the APPD’s register of people who do not wish to be included on lists. – The APPD deems necessary data to be name, address and profession. – The transmission of any message by phone, fax, e-mail, etc. is permitted only with the consumer’s consent. – The company that communicates with the consumer must inform him or her of the source from which it got their personal data, making it clear that the message is an advertisement or marketing activity.