Security a high priority

During the bus hijacking, we saw important activities put on hold: We saw the prime minister postpone a scheduled trip to Brussels. How high a priority does the government place on security? Greece is a very safe country compared with other countries in Europe. That doesn’t mean we should not be concerned about improving everyday conditions associated with crime. Besides, every aspect of everyday life is a basic factor that shapes government policy, and the issue of security is among its top priorities. The bus hijacking came at a time when the government’s effectiveness had been questioned from all sides. Do you think that the successful management of the crisis is helping change that climate? First, I believe that picture doesn’t do the government justice. I think it’s a very good government which has managed the big issues it has tackled very well. Of course, any government that is active shows signs of wear. Undoubtedly, anything positive has a corresponding effect. But in this case, the premier had difficult negotiations in Brussels ahead of him and a very important move behind him – proposing a consensus figure, Karolos Papoulias, as the candidate for the presidency of Greece. The positive outcome of the crisis enhanced the positive climate that had already been created by that decision.