Killer left a hot trail behind

A Thessaloniki man has confessed to murdering his pregnant girlfriend, chopping off her head and hands and dumping the mutilated corpse in a landfill, local police said yesterday. Detectives were led to the suspect, a 23-year-old ethnic Greek from Georgia, by the cardboard box in which the 25-year-old woman’s body had been hidden, Thessaloniki Police Chief Stergios Apostolidis told a press conference. The corpse was found by scavengers at a dump near Katerini on December 12. Officers took the box – which had initially contained a stove – to the Turkish manufacturer’s representative for northern Greece, who provided them with records of recent purchasers. The trail quickly led to the suspect – whose name was not made public. The victim’s identity was kept secret also. Police said the 23-year-old, who was arrested on Sunday, stabbed his eight-month pregnant girlfriend to death after she threatened to leave him, and mutilated the body with an axe to make it impossible to identify. Officers are now looking for the head and hands, which the suspect allegedly threw in a river.