Sewage problem at impasse

As some 200,000 tons of processed sewage have built up on an islet just off Piraeus, posing a potential environmental and health hazard, the Athens Water Company (EYDAP), which runs the treatment site, yesterday appealed to the supreme court over a decision preventing it from disposing of the sludge. Attica local authorities are currently preventing EYDAP from transferring the waste from the capital’s main sewage-treatment plant on Psyttaleia to the Ano Liosia landfill, which is itself at full capacity. The water company has appealed the decision, saying that public health and environmental safety are being put at risk. Last month, EYDAP called for bids from companies interested in taking charge of the nearly 200,000 tons of sewage that have piled up on the islet. The bids were due to be in by January, but it could take up to five months before the task is assigned to the winning company. EYDAP sources told Kathimerini that the bidding process has been complicated by the government’s crackdown on preventing shareholders in media firms having access to state contracts.