Lack of jobs haunts Greeks

Greeks are far more concerned about unemployment than are citizens of most other EU member states, according to a new poll published in yesterday’s Kathimerini. Some 69 percent of Greeks questioned in the Eurobarometer survey said that the thing which worried them most during 2005 was the possibility of not having a job – a rise of four percentage points over the same poll in 2004. Although unemployment was also the top concern for people living in the other 24 EU countries, the overall average was a much lower 46 percent. Greece has the third-highest unemployment rate in the EU, standing at 10.2 percent at the end of the second quarter of 2004. Next on the list of concerns for Greeks were their economic situation (39 percent) and inflation (23 percent), some 12 and 8 percent above the EU average respectively. However, when it comes to crime, Greeks are generally less worried about it than their EU counterparts are, with less than a fifth listing it as a key cause of concern as opposed to 23 percent of Europeans on average.