Cypriot lawyers gain right to wear pants

NICOSIA (Reuters) – Female lawyers in Cyprus have won a round in the battle to reform their legal profession by winning the right to wear trousers in court. Until now, the dress code for women was dark skirts and jackets with white blouses, but new regulations for dark «classic cut» trousers were approved by the Supreme Court and introduced at the beginning of the year. «It was a popular demand among female lawyers,» lawyer Melina Pyrgou, secretary of the Bar Association, told Reuters. «Trousers are more practical.» «In Nicosia, the courthouse is in five different buildings and you have to dash between them,» she added. «Some can find it bit awkward to do that in skirts.» But lest some female lawyers take their newly found freedom too far, the Supreme Court said the material and style of the trousers should remain within the realm of good taste.