Technology makes work easier while careers get harder

Cloning, Big Brother technologies, genetically modified organisms… Aren’t there technological applications that worry you? All technologies frighten me at this moment because they are in the hands of ruthless leaders with criminal plans and instincts. But if you want me to pick one above all, that would be nanotechnology [creating structures through the rearrangement of atoms]. These infinitesimal machines, invisible to the naked eye, are predicted to inundate the world in three to four decades. Computers promise greater and greater speeds that will free human beings from doing part of the work. So why are we working even longer hours? When will robots give us a rest? Working hours will both grow shorter and become less tiring and unpleasant. I think the problem lies elsewhere. The information society, which has brought this increase in productivity, has also created numerous elite (to which we two both belong), whose members are so interested in their work, and are so ambitious to evolve in an environment of growing competitiveness that they end up working even harder. To put it in a nutshell, work is become easier, careers are getting harder. I don’t know what kind of robot is going to save us from that.