Athenians among EU’s edgiest city-dwellers

Athenians are among the edgiest city-dwellers in the European Union as far as their sense of safety is concerned, according to a new Eurostat survey made public yesterday. The poll by the EU statistics service also found that the capital has the third-largest presence, among all the cities surveyed, of residents who are not EU nationals. Tallinn in Estonia, which has a large Russian minority, came first with 27.8 percent, followed by Cayenne in the South American territory of French Guyana. In Athens, the corresponding figure was 16.7 percent. As to their sense of overall security, the happiest city-dwellers polled turned out to be the people of Copenhagen, 98 percent of whom said they felt safe. For Athens, the corresponding figure was 68 percent. Meanwhile, the survey named the Peloponnese as Greece’s region with the highest employment rate. The northern Aegean islands came last.